Binhu Theater
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Address: Located at No.88, Jianshe Road of Heping District
Tianjin Binhu Theatre is the exclusive theatre of national major Peking Opera troup – Tianjin Peking Opera Troup. It is back on the idyllic Tianta Lake and beside Cathay Future and "Water Drop" stadium, which is also in the central area of Tibei, Tianjin, with convenient transportation and elegant environment. First built in 1988, Binhe Theatre was rebuild in 2008 to become one of the best equipped and most fully functioned modern theatre in China. It takes 9332 square meters area and total 17370 square meters structure area. Natural stone external wall shows out the thick and nostalgic style of the building with those classic design of European windows, eaves and roofs. Different from those traditional architecture, the theatre represents the level of domestic well-known theatre. The large crystal droplight reflects with the marble ground, which makes the theatre lobby bright, elegant and gorgeous.
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