Tianjin Yulong Ski Resort
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Address: 7 kilometers away from the Jinwei Road in north of Jixian County
Yulong Ski Resort, located in 7 kilometers away from north of Jixian County in Tianjin and the east side of Jinwei road, is the first large-scale ski resort in Tianjin. It is 115 kilometers from Tianjin and 90 kilometers away from Beijing and surrounded by many places of interest and scenic spots. The majestic Panshan mountain is in its west, and the east adjoins Baxian mountain, Jiulong mountain, Eastern Qing Tombs, the south is close to the Yuyang ancient city, and Huangyaguan wall is to the north. The ski resort covers an area of 130,000 square meters. In winter, you can enjoy a view of high and snow-covered hills, huge forests and snowy lands and a clear blue sky; in summer, you can draw a great picture of the shady trees, green vegetation, twittering birds and fragrant flowers. People here can not only release their passion and enthusiastic, but also enjoy the infinite joy in fresh air and the broad vision of "green environment" endowed by the great nature .
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