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In Tianjin, everybody knows the hat brand "Sheng Xifu". In 1911, Liu Xisan from Shandong set up his Sheng Jufu Hat Store...
Quanye Chang was founded in December, 1928 by Gao Xingqiao. It was named "French Mall" at the beginning and changed to "...
Ancient Cultural Street Tourist Area is a national 5A tourist attraction integrating folk culture and leisure shopping. ...
Florentia Village is the first pure Italian style outlet and also a large-scale recreational center of China. It covers ...
Clay Figure Zhang, as a well-received folk brand of painted sculpture of Tianjin, has been inherited and developed for 1...
Gulou (Drum Tower) Commercial Pedestrian Street, located in the heartland of old town Tianjin, is an integrating place t...
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