China Tourism Industries Expo, as a famous industrial expo brand, has been successfully held for 9 years since 2009, attracting 1.77 million visitors. Exhibiting delegations were from over 80 countries and regions, as well as 31 domestic provinces, cities and districts. The expo has made remarkable progress, by which, the agglomeration effects of tourism industries, tourism products, tourism enterprises and tourism services have been formed. Thus, it has become the most influential and vibrant exhibition of China tourism industry. China Tourism Industries Expo, which has been a large-scale professional expo on tourism and a famous brand of Chinese tourism industry, plays an important role on carrying out the national strategy of "One Belt and One Road", promoting the tourism synergetic development of "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region", deepening the supply-side structural reform of tourism industry and accelerating the integrative development of tourism industry.

The 2018 expo will keep on adhering to the purpose of creating "A Grand Expo of Tourism Industries; A Stage of Win-Win Cooperation". Focusing on the topic of promoting and developing tourism productivity, the expo will promote the integrative development of tourism and other relevant industries, carry out the national strategies of "One Belt and One Road" and synergetic development of "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region", as well as promote the innovation and development of the manufacturing industry of travel equipment. It will work hard to cultivate new operational types of tourism, increase new consumption hotspots and launch a series of leisure vacation products, outdoor products of sports tourism and tourist commodities to benefit people to actively promote the integration of sports and tourism, effectively promote the regional combination and international cooperation of tourism industries, as well as create international destinations, tourist distributing center and tourism equipment industry base.