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North Grand Canal Leisure Way Station Undefined level
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Basic Information
Proposed price: all-inclusive ticket 0.00 Yuan   
Resorts rating: Undefined level
Best season to visit: March ~October
Discount information: N/A
Address: Bakongzha Road, North Side of Longfeng River Bridge, Jingjin Highway, Wuqing District
Business hours: 9:00-17:00
Inquiry : 022-59624111    
North Grand Canal Leisure Way Station is located at the crossing of North Grand Canal and Longfeng River. Covering a total area of 1200mu, the leisure way station designs five functional zones including RV Camping Zone, Children Playgrounds, Farming Experience Zone, Farm Life Experience Zone, and Way Station Zone. RV Camping Zone covers an area of 70mu with 10 travel trailers, 11 RV parking spaces. The campsite provides not only the services of feeding water, drawing off water and battery charging, but also distinctive RV Theme Hotel. The tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery of North Grand Canal Country Park, the original ecological view and the fresh air while sleeping in the RV of different size from 6 to 20 square meters.
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