Covering a total exhibition area of 50,000sq.m, the expo is equipped with 3000 standard booths and divided into 7 theme exhibition areas according to exhibition contents.

   1. Exhibition Area of Provinces, Districts and Cities.

   Show tourism image, tourist route, (special) tourist commodities and special local performances, etc. 28 provinces, cities, autonomous regions, municipalities or units directly under the Central Government have confirmed for exhibition like Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, Shanghai, Shandong, Hubei, Jilin, Hainan and Xinjiang, etc.

   2. Exhibition Area of Cruises, Yachts, Caravan and Camping Area

   Show cruise products, yachts, caravan and camping area facilities. International famous cruise companies like STAR CRUISES, MSC CRUISES, PRINCESS CRUISES and COSTA CRUISES have confirmed for exhibition, as well as Tianjin Cruise Home Port, Tianjin Port, Sino-Singapore Eco-city, Tianjin Cruise and Yachts Association and Tianjin Self-drive and RV Camping Association. Shanghai Relaxed Caravans, Shunlv, Zhongtian, Yate, Jayco, Hymer and other international or national famous manufacturing and marketing enterprises of caravan have confirmed for the exhibition to show caravans in various models of home and abroad.

   3. Exhibition Area of International Tourism

   Show tourism images, tourist route, tourist commodities and special local performances of various countries and regions. Tourism sectors, relative international media and airlines of France, America, Finland, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Macao and Taiwan have confirmed for exhibition as well as European Travel Commission members like Czech Republic, Monaco, Croatia and Netherlands, and delegates from Pacific Asia Travel Association.

   4. Exhibition Area of "One Belt and One Road" International Tourist Commodities

   Show tourist products and commodities of countries and regions along "One Belt and One Road" like Pakistan, Mongolia, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Poland, Iran, Thailand and Taiwan. All exhibits can be sold on site.

   5. Exhibition Area of Tourist Hotels and Travel Agencies Products

   Show facilities of brand hotels at home and abroad, as well as tourist route products of travel agencies. Multiple domestic brand travel agencies and hotels have been invited including CITS Tianjin, Tianjin China Travel Service, Dragon Tourism, U-tour, Beijing Tuniu International Travel Agency Co., Ltd. Tianjin Branch, Leyou and, etc. All tourism route products can be sold on site.

   6. Exhibition Area of "Tourism+" Industry Integrative Development Products

   Show tourism images, tourist products, cultural industrial projects, intangible cultural heritages, supporting facilities of tourist attractions, B&B cultural industry, agricultural and industrial tourism products.

   7.Exhibition Area of tourist Commodities

   Show new types, new products, new projects, now business models and new technologies of Tianjin and other advanced provinces and cities. Tourism projects of Tianjin and China will be introduced and recommended. Over 200 investors and planning units of home and abroad have been invited to attend including New Dimension, Beijing Slow Village, Beijing Guangyingxia Technology Co., Ltd, Guangdong Cowboy Industrial Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhuoyue Lianhang Investment Consultant Co., Ltd., Qinsen Landscape and CSCEC Zhiguang (Beijing) Tourism Planning and Design Institute, etc.