Enterprise name Address Enterprise name Address
Tianjin Department Store Group Co., Ltd. Heping District Heping Road No. 172 Tianjin Quangyechang (Group) Limited by Share Ltd Heping District Heping Road No. 290
Tianjin Binjiang Department Store Co. Ltd. Heping District Binjiang Road 193 Tianjin Bingjiang Shopping Center Heping district Kaifeng road No.29
Friendship boutique Plaza Heping district Qufu road No.38, Finance department, 4 / F, Tianjin International Shopping Center Co., Ltd. Heping District Nanjing Road, No. 211 inside of the international shopping malls
Tianjin Seagull Watch Business Co., Ltd. Heping district Kaifeng Road, No.16 Tianjin Seagull Watch Technology Co., Ltd. Nanjing Road shop Heping District Nanjing Road Junlong square Dishang
Tianjin City Zhang Nuts Food Co. Ltd. Food street 1 District 1 building No.87 Dishang Tianjin Old Meihua Garment Co. Ltd. No. 198 Heping Road and Anshan Road intersection
A friendship building
£¨Tianjin business Limited by Share Ltd friendship friendship building£©
Hexi District Friendship Road No.21, No. 4 office building A friendship building shop No.2 Hexi District friendship road Home Furnishing in Luca
Tianjin Yangliuqing culture development company, the calligraphy and painting workshop 1 / F, the ancient culture street Palace Square No.9 Friendship New City Department Store Hebei District lion Street No. 200 Xiang Wei Road Taihong Building Room 601
Tianjin Yuetan Modern Commercial Group Co. Ltd. Jinnan District jin'gu Road No. 57 The Tianying Hengxing(Tianjin) investment Limited by Share Ltd Dongli District Lijin road and Pioneer Road junction No. 61 Huicheng square behind the member center the 4th floor office area
Tianjin Tongde Construction Engineering Co. Ltd. Tianjin airport departure hall 3 floor No. 4 gate Tianjin Seagull Watch Technology Co., Ltd. (Industrial Park store) Ring Road No. 199 Airport Economic Zone
Tianjin YISHANG Friendship Port shop Co. Ltd. Binhai New District victory Street No. 651 HAORUNLAI Jinghai District Victory No. 54 (HAOYUNLAI commercial)
Tianjin Yishang Friendship Mingdu Store Co. Ltd. Development Zone First Street No.86 1st Floor Tianjin Wuqing Yishang Friendship Department Store Co. Ltd. Wuqing Jingjin Highway and Jianhua Road Junction
Jingjin Outlets Discount City (Tianjin Shenglang Commercial Co. Ltd.) Wuqing District Florence town Gold Bullions Buildings (full name: Tianjin gold bullions Buildings Group Co., Ltd.) Binhai New Area Jiefang Road No. 668 6th Floor Financial Room
Gold Oriental Plaza
£¨as a store of Tianjin Gold Bullions Buildings Group Co. Ltd.£©
Tanggu Jiefang Road No. 507 Golden Baihui Mall Binhai New District Xinkai Middle Road No. 7 Building 1 backyard cottage
Gold Bullions Yu Jiabao Shopping Center
£¨full name: Tianjin Gold Bullions Group Co. Ltd. Yu Jiabao Commercial Shopping Center£©
Binhai New District Xingang Road No. 276 2nd floor member center Tianjin Jixian County Jiale Trading Co.,Ltd. Jixian County Huancheng South Road West Courtyard of Social Security
Tianjin Taixing Wanda Department Store Co. Ltd. (OG) Hedong District Wanda Department four floor Tianjin Hisense Plaza Co. Ltd. Heping District, Jiefang Road No. 188
Zhongyuan Department Store Group Limited by Share Ltd Heping District, Binjiang Road No. 200 Tianjin Lecheng Investment Company Limited £¨the Milky Way Square£© Hexi District Weiti Road No. 9 the Milky Way Shopping Center
Tianjin jintak Garment Co., Ltd. Nankai District Hongqi Road No. 167 Lotte Business Management (Tianjin) Co. Ltd. Nankai District East Road No. 137