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Tianjin Center Tangla Hotel
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Basic information
Address: No.219 Nanjing Road (intersection with Guiyang Road), 401m away from Yingkou Street Metro Station.
Inquiry : 022-23215888   
Total rooms:
Room type: Others , Twin Room , Computer Room , Business Room , Suite
Room facilities: Infrastructure , Television , Refrigerator , Hair Drier , Safe
Tianjin Center Tangla Hotel, owning the top floor of Tianjin Center, owns the beautiful panorama of Tianjin. The noble character the hotel is fully flared from expensive leather products, silky and soft texture and well-carved furniture. As the owner of "International Six-star Diamond Award", it is equipped with elegant guest rooms and suites where guests can overlook beautiful urban scenery. Guest rooms, whic are luxuriantly decorated and completely equipped, are very spacious, usually two times larger than others of Tianjin. All kinds of delicacies can meet different requirements of guests. Excellent sites are available in the hotel to hold small meetings, luxury banquets or other kinds of events. 24h butler service offers you convenient life services, making Tangla Hotel a sweet home away from home.
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Traffic information
2.33km away from Tianjin East Railway Station; 2.69km away from Tianjin Railway Station; 3.83km away from Tianhuan Passenger Station; 4.07km away from Tongsha Passenger Station; 8.61km away from Tianjin North Railway Station; 13.37km away from Tianjin South Railway Station; 14.35km away from Binhai International Airport.
Bus information
Buses No.50, No.600, No.606, No.631, No.632, No.641, No.643, No.650, No.657, No.659, No.669, No.673, No.678, No. 901, No. 906 and Sightseeing No.2.
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