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Tianjin Center Tangla Hotel
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Basic information
Address: Located at No.219 of Nianjing Road of Heping District
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Total rooms: 116
Room type: Others , Twin Room , Computer Room , Business Room , Suite
Room facilities: Infrastructure , Television , Refrigerator , Hair Drier , Safe
As the tallest loft hotel, Tianjin Center Tangla Hotel has guest rooms occupying the smallest area of 60 square meters. It borders on exits of Nanjin Road and Binjiang Road in Tianjin central business district, having an excellent geographic position. A 550 square meters large banquet hall can occupy 400 persons for meal at the same time. The Sichuang Restaurant on the 49th floor is the highest cafeteria in Tianjin. The tourists can overlook the beautiful scenery of Tianjin when dwelling in delicately arranged guest rooms and suites. The guest rooms are luxuriously decorated, designed in a fashionable styles with all facilities provided. Varieties of delicious food are provided in the restaurant and in bar, so guests with captious tastes can be satisfied. As the first hotel capable of providing 24-hour business concierges and Butler service for guests.The Tianjin Center Tangla Hotel can further provide 116 super-large guest rooms and suites. The guest rooms are of an elegant style integrating modern senses and local cultural features. Tourists here can have unparalleled perfect experience, luxury environment, sincere service and delicate food. The hotel provides elegant and graceful banquet and conference facilities.This large banquet hall can occupy 400 persons at the same time.
Traffic guide
Traffic information
The hotel is 2.33 kilometers away from East railway station, 2.37 kilometers away from East station, 2.69 kilometers away from Tianjin Railway Station, 3.83 kilometers away from Tianhuan Passenger Station, 4.07 kilometers away from Tongsha Passenger Station, 8.61 kilometers away from North Railway Station, 13.37 kilometers away from South Railway Station, and 14.35 kilometers away from Binhai International Airport.
Bus information
the No.50 bus, the No.600 outer-ring bus, the No.606 bus, the No.631 bus, the No.632 bus, the No.641 bus, the No.643 bus, the No.650 bus, the No.657 bus, the No.659 bus, the No.669 bus, the No.673 bus, the No.678 bus, the No. 901 bus, the No. 906 bus and the No.2 sightseeing bus
Self drive guide
No.219 of Nianjing Road of Heping District
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