Nanshi Cuisine Street
Address: Nanshi Cuisine Street
Nanshi Cuisine Street is located at Nanshi commercial district, the most prosperous place in Tianjin city. It gathers catering gourmets. The building area covers 42,000 square meters. Hundreds of delicious gourmets can be found here. Among these gourmets, there are authentic Tianjin famous dishes, flavored snacks and featured dishes of different places of china cooked in different styles. Besides, court cuisines have a good reputation for a long time, peasant simple meals of local flavor and western-style food are available. Tourists will find themselves in a gourmet kingdom when walking on the Nanshi Cuisine Street. The Nanshi Cuisine Street is of a national style. Overhanging eaves, bracket sets, carved beams and painted rafters are the symbols. Four gates of the street are connected into a cross-shaped shopping mall through a glass dome, and therefore it looks like an antique palace.
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