Nanshi Cuisine Street
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Address: Southwest corner of the intersection of Shenyi Avenue and Rongye Avenue, Heping District, Tianjin.
BookingTelephone: 022-27270198
Nanshi Cuisine Market, located in bustling Nanshi Commercial Area of downtown Tianjin, is a complex of hundreds of delicacies. In the kingdom of delicacy, covering an area of 42,000sq.m.,there are both authentic local specialties and snacks, and specialties of major cooking styles of China, both renowned imperial meal and rural dishes, both Muslim cuisines and western food. The national style architecture of Nanshi Cuisine Street is decorated with overhanging eaves and Dougong, carved beams and painted rafters; the indoor area, which is linked up by four gates, creates a cruciform shopping space covered by a glass dome, just like an antique palace.
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