Tianjin Fried Dough Twist
Address: Building 5, Academy of Social Sciences, Nankai District (near Water Park)
Tianjin fried dough twist is a famous dessert of Han nationality with great look and taste. More than a century ago, on the west side of Weihai River, at the south end of bustling Xiaobailou, there was a lane named Eighteen Street, where located a small Fried dough twist store named “Guifaxiang”. After repeated experiment and practices, Guifaxiang filled assorted crispy stuffing inside the two dough stripes. The ingredients include sweet-scented osmanthus, Min ginger, semen persicae and melon strips. It is twist and quite unique as assorted stuffed fried dough twist which is featured by golden, sweet and crispy. Even if you lay it aside for several months, it will never become tender and go bad. Tourists from home and abroad always buy some boxes of fried dough twist for their relatives and friends.
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