Go-believe Steamed Buns
Address: No.77 Shandong Road, Heping District
Go-believe steamed buns is among first of the three unique special foods of Tianjin. It is one of China time-honored brands with a history of more than 150 years. Go-believe steamed buns selects exquisite flour and fillings, adopts rigorous craftsmanship and owns beautiful outlook. Each Go-believe steamed bun possesses 18 folds, and the folds are well proportioned. The skin and fillings of hot steamed buns fresh from the food steamer are dispersed. It is delicious but not oily, fragrant and palatable. Nowadays, except traditional pork buns, three delicacies buns, pork skin buns, Go-believe steamed buns has rolled out six serious of buns. Total are more than 100 types, including seafood buns, wild vegetable buns and crab buns.
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