GUI FA XIANG (Wangdingdi Branch)
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Address: Intersection of Wangdingdiyuan East Road and Linyuan Street.
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Tianjin Mahua (fried dough twist), a famous dessert of Han nationality, is a perfect combination of color aroma and taste. As early as over 100 years ago, "GUI FA XIANG", a small Mahua shop, was located in a small lane named 18th Street, at the south end of bustling Xiaobailou (small white building), south of Haihe River. After repeated exploration and renovation, multiple kinds of crisp stuffing, which are made mainly from sweet-scented osmanthus, crystallized ginger, peach seed and crystallized wax gourd, are creatively wrapped between the dough strip and sesame strip. The unique assorted stuffing Mahua, which is distinctively soft and luscious from common ones, can be well maintained for months in dry and ventilated situation. Couple boxes of Tianjin GUI FA XIANG Mahua could be a kind of proper souvenir for foreign tourists to their friends and family.
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