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Tianjin Mount Pan Scenic Area AAAAA
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Basic Information
Proposed price: all-inclusive ticket 100.00 Yuan   
Resorts rating: AAAAA
Best season to visit: March ~ October
Discount information: Not Available
Address: Lianhualing village, Guanzhuang town, Ji county, Tianjin
Business hours: 9:00 am to 17:00 pm
Inquiry : Not Available
Tianjin Mount Pan Scenic Area, located 15 kilometers to the northwest of Ji County covering an area of 106 square kilometers, is reputed as the best mountain region in east of Beijing for its geographic location. It was also called Wuzhong, Xuwu, Sizheng, and Panlong in ancient times. It was said that in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, a famous scholar named Tian Chou declined the emperor’s awards and lived here in seclusion, hence called its name Mount Tian Pan, or shortly Mount Pan. It is a state-level and 5A class scenic area, and a tourism and recreation resort known for both natural landscape and historic sites and the integration of Buddist and royal culture.
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