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Sheraton Tianjin Hotel is located on Zijinshan Road, the golden residential area in Tianjin, about 5 kilometers to the m ...
Tianjin Binhai Holy-light Crown Plaza Hotel started business on 1st June in 2009. Each standard room occupies an area of ...
As the tallest loft hotel, Tianjin Center Tangla Hotel has guest rooms occupying the smallest area of 60 square meters. ...
Tianjin Ruiwan New Century Hotel, governed by the New Century Hotel group, is the first listed five-star hotel integrati ...
Tianjin Saixiang Hotel is a five star hotel and is started in October 2008. As a symbol of Tianjin Huayuan industrial pa ...
With charming scenery of Haihe River, modern design and high-quality personalized services, Tianjin Haihe River Holiday ...
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