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license: L-TJ-CJ00002
Tianjin China Travel Service was founded in the fifty's, with an independent legal person, it is an international travel agency approved by the National Tourism Administration with the qualifications of organizing group for outbound tourism, possessing and using China CTS group worldwide huge travel ...
license: L-TJ-CJ00010
Tianjin Classical Holidays International Travel Service is a trinity comprehensive travel service corporation, founded in 1998. The total registered capital of the company is 5 million yuan. It belongs to the international and domestic passenger transport category. It won the 2007 administrative uni ...
license: L-TJ-CJ00013
Tianjin Daya International Travel Service Co., Ltd. is approved by the National Tourism Administration, Tianjin Tourism Bureau and Tianjin Industrial and Commercial bureau, which was founded in June 1995. The company's registered capital is 1.85 million yuan, and it paid the service quality margin 1 ...
license: L-TJ-CJ00011
Tianjin CITIC International Travel Service company is a travel agency with the outbound qualification approved by China National Tourism Administration, and a holding company of CITIC Travel Corporation affiliated to CITIC Group. It is a directing unit of China Association of Travel Services and the ...
license: L-TJ-CJ00003
Tianjin Comfort International Travel Agency was established in 1988, and it is a national first class international tourist agency identifying by the National Tourism Administration and domestic citizen outbound travel agency. In 2002, it changed its name to Tianjin Comfort Travel Agency Co., Ltd. I ...
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