Tianjin Zhongqiao International Travel Agency A
license : L-TJ00204
Address: Dongli Lake Resort, Dongli District, Tianjin.
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Tianjin Zhongqiao International Travel Agency is a travel service provider with independent legal person qualification, approved by National Tourism Administration, registered in industrial and commercial administration and credit-guaranteed by Tianjin Tourism Administration. The business mainly covers domestic tourism service, member reception services, travel transportation, charted bus transportation and ticket booking, etc. Meanwhile, we can arrange the sightseeing route according to personal interests and requirements and provide comprehensive services of catering, accommodation, travel, sightseeing, shopping and entertainment. We own a high quality staff team who devote particular care to professional ethics; they are honest, generous and enthusiastic on services; they are all well trained and passed the certificate exam of National Tourism Administration.
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Tel.: +86-22-88908890