Tianjin Jiaxin International Travel Agency A
license : L-TJ-CJ00030
Address: Second floor, No 228, Xinhua South Road, Heping District, Tianjin
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Jiaxin International Travel is the abbreviation of Tianjin Jiaxin Business Tourism International Travel Agency co., LTD. In March 2009, it started to plan the best “self-driving” tourist project in Tianjin, special domestic tourist line and the high quality international tourist line. And it took these projects in practice in May 2009. Free Journey: the symbol of starting of Jiaxin business tourism. it makes a lot of publications in Tianjin municipality and it has a good cooperation some international media. Tianjin Jiaxin Business tourism international travel agency co., LTD is approved by national tourism administration. It is an international tourist agency with independent legal person status, and has the strength to be an AAAAA international travel agency. Jiaxin business tourism follows the principle of “Happy and free journey, Jiaxin satisfies you”, with its company spirit of “innovation, scientific management and pursuit of excellence” and its internal working principle of “unique product, comfortable arrangement, excellent service and low profit price”, it gained a high reputation in Tianjin tourism organizations and correlative corporations.
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