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类型:喜剧  英国  2021 

主演:尼古拉斯·瑞夫 瑞秋·申顿 迈克·哈丁 安娜·梅德利 卡勒姆·伍德豪斯 



In the Christmas special, it’s Christmas in Darrowby, and Helen and James realise they haven’t agreed on where they’re spending Christmas Day. Mrs Hall is expecting them at Skeldale and Jenny is expecting them at Heston Grange, and the pair are reluctant to disappoint either of them. The situation raises bigger questions about what their lives will look like in the future. When a beloved local pet is taken seriously ill, Siegfried has to bring it into the practice for emergency treatment. In the face of such an emergency, Helen ends up feeling like a spare part at the Skeldale Christmas party, but fellow farmer Dave Kitson could end up being the solution to Helen finding her place at Skeldale, and the key to the animal’s survival. Tristan learns that it might be time to take himself more seriously and reveals some important news, while a card from James’s father asking him to phone them on Christmas Day leaves James on tenterhooks about whether he can make amends with his family


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