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Proterozoic Rare Stone Forest Scenic Area AA
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Basic Information
Proposed price: all-inclusive ticket 35.00 Yuan   
Resorts rating: AA
Best season to visit: March ~December
Discount information: Freexa0pass to: children under 1.2 meters, seniors aged over 70 withxa0Senior Citizen Cards or ID cards, military personnel in active service withxa0valid documents and the disabled withxa0valid documents.
Address: Maojiayu Villege, Chuanfangyu Town, Ji County, Tianjin City.
Business hours: 07:30~17:30
Inquiry : 22762003    
Proterozoic Rare Stone Forest Scenic Area, covering an area of 270 hectares, is situated within Maojiayu Changshou Resort in Chuanfangyu Town of Ji County in Tianjin. This scenic spot is located in the stratum of Middle-Upper Proterozoic Yangzhuang Formation and Wumishan Formation in Middle-Upper Proterozoic Erathem, and the natural stone in various forms is an important part of the Middle-Upper Proterozoic geological park. Noticeably, the air here is rich in negative oxygen ions because of the lush trees, thus it is considered as a big natural oxygen bar. There are hundreds of wild animals living in the dense forest, including roe deer, wolves, badgers, foxes, raccoon dogs, squirrels, pheasants and hares. Chinese medicinal herbs here are also abundant, and some are too numerous to mention, like wild ginseng, platycodon grandiflorum, radix bupleuri, Saposhnikovia divaricata, polygala tenuifolia, Scutellaria, angelica sinensis and the root of red-rooted salvia. With more than one hundred kinds of Chinese medicinal herbs, it can be called as a natural treasury of Chinese herbal medicine. There are six scenic tourist circular routes with rare rocks, old trees, quiet forests, mountain springs and waterfalls running through it.
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