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Tianjin Panshan Mountain Scenic Area AAAAA
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Basic Information
Proposed price: all-inclusive ticket 130.00 Yuan   
Resorts rating: AAAAA
Best season to visit: March ~October
Discount information: Free for children lower than 1.2m; half price for children between 1.2m - 1.5m
Address: Lianhualing Village, Guanzhuang Town, Ji County, Tianjin.
Business hours: 9:00 am to 17:00 pm
Inquiry : 022-29821235    
Panshan Mountain is a National 5A Tourist Attraction famous for natural landscapes and historical sites and integrated with Buddhist temple and royal garden. Located in Ji County, Tianjin, it is 60km west to Beijing, 120km east to Tangshan and 110km south to Tianjin. Tourists can go straight to the parking lot of the scenic spot from Jinji Expressway and Jingping Expressway by car and go straight into the scenic spot from Jingshen Expressway and No.102 National Highway. Panshan Mountain was originally recorded in Han Dynasty, famous in Tang Dynasty and prosperous in Qing Dynasty. In history, there used to be 72 temples, 13 pagodas and one royal garden (Jingji Mountain Villa) built on the mountain. It was known among Buddhists in Tang Dynasty as "East Wutai Mountain"; in Kangxi Period of Qing Dynasty, it was known as "No.1 Mountain east to the Capital"; in early republic of China, it was rated as one of the top 15 attractions of China together with Mount Tai, West Lake and the Imperial Palace. Panshan Mountain was visited by many emperors, generals and men of letters, like Emperor Wudi of Wei, Emperor Taizong of Tang, Emperor Taizong of Liao, Emperor Shizong of Jin, and Emperors Kangxi, Qianlong, Jiaqing and Doguang of Qing, they left a large amount of poets, stone sculptures and tablets about it. Emperor Qianlong visited Panshan Mountain for 32 times and left 1702 poems about it. During his first visit here, he even said, "If I know Panshan Mountain earlier, there is no need to go to regions of Jiangnan.”. Panshan Mountain is always honored to be "mighty as Mount Tai, steep as Huashan Mountain, beautiful as Emei Mountain and elegant as Yandang Mountain". The extremely skillful nature creates the rare peaks and steep valleys of Panshan Mountain, especially the amazing and peculiar "Five Peaks", "Eight Stones" and "Three Layers". Main peak Guayue Peak is surrounded by Zigai Peak in the front, Zilai Peak in the back, Jiuhua Peak in the east, Wujian Peak in the west. The five peaks gather closely together to form the upper layer with rare pine trees, middle layer with rare stones and lower layer with flowing stream. Now five main scenic spots, over 300 attractions have been open to public. Three passenger ropeways have been equipped named Rusheng, Yunsong and Guayue, as well as the environmental sightseeing car. The Panshan Mountain Scenic Area covering an area of 106sq.km is welcoming friends from all over the world to enjoy the beautiful scenery, fascinating legend and excellent service.
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