On Site Tourism Expo | Wonderful and Brilliant local performances!

   2018 China Tourism Industries Exposition was grandly opened that in order to attract more visitors and tourists, delegations in various exhibition areas tried their best to show wonderful and brilliant performances on site. N1 Hall, the exhibition area of provinces, districts and cities, was the most well received one. Besides boutique tourist route and images, many local special performances were also organized on site.

   On site the booth of Tianjin Tourism in N1 Hall, various performances like bubble show, Mr. Clown making up balloons, folk arts and dances show the characteristics of openness and inclusiveness of Tianjin. More visitors were attracted on site the 2018 Autumn Fans Festival of Tianjin Tourism by excellent combination of hot dances on Tik Tok.

   Performances on other booths were also brilliant. The yurt like booth of Inner Mongolia was lingered with melodious Khoomei; Mongolian folk songs played with horse head string instrument and tabors seemed bringing you out of Tianjin to a wide grassland. Performances of Shandong were also great like the dance Jiu Er, shandong clapper ballad and The Canzonet of Yimeng Mountain sung by children. In N3 Hall, the international tourism exhibition area, black musics and dances of Reunion also expressed visitors a lot.

   The 2018 tourism expo was extremely bustling with a huge crowd of visitors. In order to attract them, every exhibitor and delegation organized various kinds of activities on site their booths like "gifts for QR code scanning" and "Q&A interaction", etc.