2017 China Tourism Industries Expo will be held in September in Tianjin with 7 themes and 3000 booths.

   2017 China Tourism Industries Expo will be held from September 1st to 4th at Tianjin Meijiang Expo Center. Taking the opportunity of National Games, the expo will work hard to cultivate new operational types of tourism, increase new consumption hotspots and launch a series of leisure vacation products to benefit people. Citizens who plan to go on a tour can visit on the occasion to select appropriate tourist routes and take a leave without delay.

   7 Themes and 3000 Booths

   According to introduction, the expo will be equipped with 3000 standard booths and divided into 7 theme exhibition areas according to exhibition contents, including exhibition area of provinces, districts and cities tourism administrations, exhibition area of cruises, yachts, caravan and camping area, exhibition area of international tourism, exhibition area of "One Belt and One Road" international tourist commodities, exhibition area of tourist hotels and travel agencies products, exhibition area of "Tourism+" industry integrative development products, exhibition area of tourist commodities.

   Among them in exhibition area of provinces, districts and cities tourism administrations, 26 provinces, cities, autonomous regions, municipalities or units directly under the Central Government like Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, Shanghai, Shandong, and Hainan, etc will launch their tourist routes, tourism products, special tourist commodities and special local performances; in exhibition area of cruises, yachts, caravan and camping area, Tianjin Cruise Home Port, Tianjin Port, Central Business District and Eco-city will organize Costa, Royal Caribbean International and other cruise or yachts enterprises to attend the expo, showing cruise products, yachts, caravans and camping area facilities, etc; meanwhile, Shanghai Relaxed Caravans, Shunlv, Zhongtian and other international or national famous manufacturing and marketing enterprises of caravan will plan to show 80-100 caravans in various models of home and abroad. In exhibition area of international tourism, tourism administrations and enterprises from Madagascar, Reunion Island, Vietnam, Japan, Macao and Taiwan, etc will show their special tourist routes and products with special offers.

   Analyzing the New Model of Toursim

   It is reported that multiple activities will also be organized during the expo. Characteristic Town Tourism Development and Operation Summit Forum will be held to discuss topics of industrial policy and development tendency of characteristic town tourism, practical operation share of example projects, operation pattern summary of characteristic town, innovation and practice of investment and financing mode, and carry forward the negotiation and signature of major projects in Tianjin based on experience introduction and case share of development and operation of characteristic town tourism. Meanwhile, China Sports and Tourism Integrative Development Summit Forum will be carried out around sports + tourism + health, the topic of industries integration and innovation to analysis the integrating policies of sports tourism and health and deeply discuss the questions about deep integrative development of public fitness and health, harmonious development of competitive sports and mass sports, as well as the supply chain restructure of sports tourism and health. Besides, China Camping Area Industrial Open Class will help camping area industry to break through the limitation of upstream-downstream resources and create a public platform for practitioners, entrepreneurs of camping area industry, and friends who love camping industry to communicate and share with each other with the help of professional course system and internet.