Ear-Hole Fried Cakes
Address: No. 32, Great Alley Commercial Street, Hongqiao District (beside Northeast Corner Bookstore )
You must have a taste of Ear-Hole Fried Cakes, one of the three special foods in Tianjin with a history of more than one century. Ear-Hole Fried Cakes is featured by “golden, soft, pliable, appetizing”. Ear-Hole Fried Cakes adopts exquisite materials, and fine crafts. The made-up cakes in ball coronary shape are fried until its color becomes golden, and the outside is covered with little “thorn”. Take a taste, the fried cake is delicious and appetizing, sweet, scorched outside but tender inside. The skin is crispy and soft, and the stuffing is tender and not dry.
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