Nutlet Zhang
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Netlet Zhang, an over 160 years old time-honored brand, is one of the local specialties of Tianjin. Wide varieties include amber (sugar coated) peanut, amber walnut meat, marble peanut, plain peanut, milky sunflower seed and spiced pinenut, etc. Netlet Zhang was named after Zhang Huishan, the father of late Zhang Yifeng, former chairman of Tianjin Nutlet Zhang LLC. Zhang Huishan from Beijing used to live on selling fried food like gluten and finally became famous for his fried nutlets. According to traditional theory, products of Nutlet Zhang should cover 24 different styles and colors like amber or beige in 24 solar items. Over 170 years ago, originator Zhang Mingchun and the second generation Zhang Weishun served as cooks in the imperial kitchen of Qing Dynasty, specializing in various kinds of fried snacks; Emperor Tongzhi and Empress Dowager Cixi loved their snacks and honored them as imperial snack.
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