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“The Tientsin Eye” Ferris Wheel AAAA
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Basic Information
Proposed price: all-inclusive ticket 70.00 Yuan   
Resorts rating: AAAA
Best season to visit: January ~ December
Discount information: Not Available
Address: Junction of Ligongci Street and Wumalu Road, Hebei District, Tianjin
Business hours: 9:30-21:30, (Maintenance on every Monday)
Inquiry : 022-26288830    
In 1404, the Ming Dynasty set up Zhigu garrison area, and Chengzu Emperor of Ming Dynasty, Zhudi, named it as "Tianjin garrison area". The meaning of Tianjin is the ferry of Emperor. In 2008, the new landmark of Tianjin, "The Tientsin Eye" Ferris Wheel finished the construction. It is located on Yongle Bridge, where Zhudi crossed the River with his troop. It is the only Ferris wheel in the world that crossed the river and combined with the bridge.Both have functions of sightseeing and transportation. Combined with the essence of capital ferry and the scenery of downstream of Haihe River, the construction of ferris wheel is a fantastic design and a great breakthrough in the world. It is 120 meters high and equipped with 48 transparent cockpits. Each cockpit can accommodate 8 people. And 384 people can enjoy the beautiful scenery at the same time. Around it, there are Dabei Temple, Ancient Culture Street, Drum Tower, Italian Style Area and Austrian style area. Meanwhile, it is also the starting point of Haihe Sightseeing area. We can travel, go shopping and recreate whole day. The ferris wheel is an outstanding representative of "One Bridge and One Scenery". It is the shining pearl of Haihe River. It has been rated as "Safe Tourist Attraction", and the only representative of Tianjin in "Big stamp, from 1949-2010, almost 60 major landmarks in China", "national AAAA level scenic area", "The municipal youth civilization" and "The national worker pioneer". "The Tientsin Eye" ferris wheel not only represents the cultural history of Tianjin, but also plays a role in economic development of Tianjin. It also ingeniously shows the unique charm of Tianjin.
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